2009 Yiwu Market Credit Index Analysis Report released

10 2010
The 2009 Yiwu Market Credit Index Analysis Report was released by Yiwu Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce on February 25. The report shows that the turnover reached 41.159 billion Yuan with an increase of 7.8% in 2009 and the credit construction also attained to great achievements.

The report shows that Yiwu Market Credit Index was on the rise as a whole in 2009. It mounted to 123.42 from 108.88 at the beginning of 2009 with an increase of 14.54%, which was 23.42% more than the basis period in September, 2007. And the monthly average index also went up to 116.48 from 105.96 in 2008 with an increase of 9.93%.

Yiwu Market Credit Index, the first national commodity market credit index, was issued officially by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce, Yiwu government and China Credit Research Center of Beijing University to promote the market credit construction.

"The credit construction is of great significance to Yiwu market because Yiwu is a well know market and its credit condition has great influence at home and abroad," said Professor Zhang, the vice-director of China Credit Research Center of Beijing University.

The first bronze medal of "Market Credit Supervision Model" was awarded to Yiwu market by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. According to sample surveys, businessmen from other places are more and more satisfied with the market credit, which adds more charm to Yiwu.

One who has come to Yiwu knows that there is a Credit Avenue which is on the north of the International Trade Mart and near the third phase. Its clever site selection brings rich imagination to people. And credit will always accompany the growth of Yiwu markert on its way to prosperity.