A Carnival for Model Planes Held in Yiwu

02 2014
The first carnival for model planes was held in Yiwu on the morning of Aug.30. This event attracted over 500 model aircraft en- thusiasts from all over the country and  drew Australian traders to watch the game. During the event, Ke Huanchen, the world champion of model planes, made a wonderful performance of three dimension violence flight, knocking everybody out by singing “ Ta-dah! ”
According to Zhao Xinmin, the sponsor of Yun Fei Toy Ltd,., they held this carnival to boost the development of the model planein Yiwu, and to popularize the related information. There are a huge number of model air- craft enthusiasts in Yiwu, among them, over 50 people aresenior players.
The Australian trader William is a model plane enthusiast, “ I dreamed to be a pilot when I was in my childhood, and now I am addicted to the model plane. I purchase a batch of model planes in Yiwu this time, but what surprises me is to witness this fabulous model plane carnival. ”