Foreign businessmen in Yiwu

08 2010
The latest statistics issued by iwu Administration for industry and Commerce in Yiwu show that there have been 362 foreign-invested enterprises in Yiwu up to the end of 2009(including 218 branches of foreign enterprises), with US 1.03 billion registered capital. There are 2,652 resident foreign agencies and 3,825 representatives.

The foreign shareholders in these foreign-invested enterprises come from 57 countries and areas all over the world. The resident agencies of foreign enterprises come from 79 countries and areas and the representatives are from 72 countries and areas. These resident foreign businessmen have formed a new group in Yiwu traditional businessmen community.

Marsu, a Pakistan businessman, has been doing business for 5 years in Yiwu. Marsu said that he got on pretty well with the work and life in Yiwu. Chinese friends were friendly and the market management was standard.And it was conventent for him to find his favorite food in the exotic street in Yiwu.

For a Russian businessman Nazhe and an Italian businessman Hami they integrate well with the local people and have deep love with Yiwu. This year the two families were awarded as peaceful family models by Limingshan Community.

There are various trade companies and stores on North Gongren Road in which Hami's United Arab Emirates branch company was located. As an assistant to general manager of the branch he told the journalist that he had been working in Shanghai and Hangzhou for a long time,however, the business was deeply influenced in the financial crisis. He found that many businessmen purchased good in Yiwu and later he came to Yiwu and the branch company was registered at the end of 2009.

Some persons in charge of the registration department in Yiwu Administration for Industry and Commerce said:" Teh foreign enterprises registration goes more smoothly after the state Administration for Industry and Commerce detegates the power of foreign enterprises' registration to Yiwu in 2009.