March Yiwu electric toys sales heat up

08 2010
March, the electric toys sales is heating up in Yiwu. March 3, I visited the toy wholesale market in Yiwu International Trade City, and found that a wide variety of new children's toys was on sale, and eye-opening, novelty toys was naturally become one of the main selling points to push.
Press into the toy wholesale market District 1 in Yiwu International Trade City, I found the corridors was bustling with noise and excitement, model aircraft was flying overhead in their customers, remote control toy car was shuttling on the floor, the market traded within a lively atmosphere.

Reflected by business households, Yiwu electric toys sales was heating up in March. During this period, the amount of small domestic electric toys increases fast, and the manufacturers are also actively preparing for a large number of stocks to seize sales opportunities. And export still mainly deals with remote control and flash type toys, such as the dual-powered remote control planes, remote control can be varied to the moving vehicle. The purchase quantity of permanent merchants increased and gradually stabilized.

Recently, manufacturers have also rolled out a variety of electric aircraft and remote control robots to attract customers. The new "Little Hornet" remote control planes has a very high scientific and technological content, light, tail help to turn left, turn right motor, body using highly seismic materials, flying stable, suitable for indoor flight. Various types of remote control airplanes and cars are not uncommon, strong electric-powered toys will become the mainstream market trends, so the market is also optimistic about such products.
There are also various of Music-flip stunt cars, such as Longxiang, Dimei has a large number of models available, full-featured, affordable, domestic and foreign sales of such a stunt cars are all significant.