Population of resident foreigners in Yiwu ranks No.1 in Zhejiang province

09 2010
Although Yiwu is the world's largest circulation and exhibition center of commodities, according to the administrative division. While walking in this city, one can see foreigners anywhere. Statistics from Yiwu police station show the population of foreign residents in Yiwu exceeds that of Hangzhou and Ningbo, two sub-provincial cities, in both relative number and absolute number, thus ranking first in Zhejiang province.

Over ten years ago, a foreigner would draw the attention of most people. With the fast development of the export oriented economy, Yiwu attracts more and more foreign friends.

It is learned that 17,612 person-times of visa and residence permit were issued by Yiwu entry and exit administration bureau in 2009, which exceed that of Hangzhou and Ningbo for the third time, ranking No.1 in Zhejiang province.

According to Yiwu department of foreign trade and economic cooperation as well as the administration for industry and commerce, there are now over 11,000 foreign residents and 2,124 representative offices of overseas enterprises from 85 countries and regions in Yiwu.

After many year of living in this city, many foreign merchants can speak Chinese. Some of them can ever speak Yiwu dialect.