Three years changed a student into a businessman

22 2010
At present , there are over 13,000 foreign businessmen permanently living in Yiwu. Coming from different parts of the world, they settled down in Yiwu to seek opportunities,start business and enjoy the bittersweet experiences.

At the beginning, gao lin came to study Chinese in China, but it is geyond his expectation to live and do business in Yiwu finally.

Gao lin, a Jordanian student majoring in art design in sollege, came to study Chinese at the public expense at first, After his arriving , he found no interest in the boring language study and he decided to do business with his cousin in China.
With his cousin's help, Gao lin diid business of arts and crafts for a certain period of time and he gained some experience and skills for business. And then he started his own business ornament and household decoration design, which was exported to Jordan and some Arabian sountries. All the products were designed by him. The custom of the Middle East was integrated with the unique and exclusive design in ornaments and paintings The fine arts and creative ideas made his products win the favor of the businessmen from the Middle East. Gao lin said that he has been living in Yiwu China for three years. With his growing business, a house and a beautiful bride-to-be,his life in Yiwu is comfortable and happy.