Yiwu, e-commerce capital

30 2014
As a national trade comprehensive reform pilot city, Yiwu City is taking a transition from the traditional wholesale to e-commerce, the regional economy to the new road network of economic restructuring.
Against "the world's largest small commodity wholesale market," the aura of Yiwu in the past has been a barometer of China's trade flows. But there are signs that the recent Yiwu little "pain."
In mid-July, the reporter walked into a landmark building in Yiwu - Yiwu International Trade City, the venue staff apart from other shops do not have much of merchants, some empty the aisle. In many shops, the owner or watching movies, or in the online "Landlords", or playing phone. And outside the shop, "commodity, on the Yiwu purchase", "Yiwu e-commerce to improve class registration" and billboards everywhere. On the first floor hall of a pillar, bearing the words "to accelerate market transformation, to create an international e-commerce are."
In recent years, the rapid rise of e-commerce industry, forcing a large number of store shrink even close. This small commodities wholesale circulation known as the pillar industry of Yiwu City, it is nothing more than a huge challenge. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Yiwu has been "driven to revolt," out of a desire to rely on e-commerce to promote urban transformation. "Do electricity suppliers, to Yiwu" Yiwu's vision in the end can not be achieved?