Yiwu love commune welfare association established

01 2014
It is understood Yiwu love commune founded in January 2006, is a student helping the vulnerable, love relay, for the purpose of public happiness, belonging to the Communist Youth League managed Volunteers Association, Yiwu City non-profit organization (NGO). Since its establishment, the founder of love commune actively participate in the various types of volunteer activities, including rafting love bags, migrant children summer camp, warm enough action, spring volunteer service and a variety of care for the elderly, poor children's charity. For nine years, love commune channels by helping to raise money supplies all kinds of thousands of yuan, the central and western regions and domestic donors helping poor students in the province, more than 100,000 vulnerable people, serve more than 20 million people, but also in Guizhou Province donated 3 hope Primary School.

Love commune not only received strong support from the majority of the city's businesses and caring people love, also named "Jinhua City, the first session of the outstanding volunteer service group", "Jinhua City Youth Civilization" and won by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Provincial civil Affairs Department hosted the third "Zhejiang charity Award." In addition, Zhao Yunfeng love commune was also named "Chinese Young Volunteers Award for outstanding individuals," which is the central group, the highest honor in the field of youth voluntary service granted Chinese Young Volunteers Association, Zhao Yunfeng, Yiwu has become the first award one person.

Youth League secretary, said: "the establishment of Yiwu love commune welfare associations, marking the city of love welfare and on a new level, has an important significance for promoting spiritual civilization Yiwu believe love commune welfare associations, will, and '. Yiwu temperature ', Yiwu rescue team, Yiwu fair volunteer, become' another volunteer city 'of gold card. "