Yiwu model aircraft enthusiasts organized carnival

03 2014
On 30th August morning, the carnival held in Yiwu City, the first model aircraft. The event attracted more than 500 model aircraft enthusiasts from around the country to participate and watch Australia attracted foreign investors. During HM world champion Kehuan Chen performed a wonderful violent 3D flight, so that everyone address him enjoyable.

According to the organizers Fang Yunfei Toy Co., Ltd. Leader Zhao Xinmin reports, the carnival is organized by HM Yiwu HM campaign to further promote the development of universal knowledge model aircraft. Currently, there are a large number of model aircraft enthusiasts Yiwu, senior players have fifty or sixty people.

William the Australian foreign came to watch the carnival is a model aircraft enthusiasts, "My childhood dream was to become a pilot, after the dream did not materialize in love with model aircraft, visit to Yiwu is to purchase a number of model aircraft back." William said, "It is surprise is in the procurement process can also see such a wonderful model aircraft performance. "