Yiwu swindler fled South America to be repatriated

06 2014
On 2 September afternoon in Yiwu millions of alleged contract fraud suspect Wu successfully escorted from South America, Colombia is home. May 2012, Wu in Yiwu ordering more than 400 million, in the case of non-payment, and on September 9, 2012 departure fled from Shanghai Pudong Airport. According to reports, this is the first time by international police cooperation, the successful repatriation of foreign fugitives from the South American economic crime suspects.

Yiwu Public Security Bureau through a lot of work, found an important clue suspect activities in Colombia. August 28, 2014, under the command of the Ministry of Public Security Coordination, Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Public Security Bureau sent the composition of cross-border working group to work in Colombia, according to the information we provide, through my brother in the Embassy and Colombian law enforcement authorities, in Bogota, Colombia successfully arrested the suspect Moumou. After more than 43 hours of flying, September 2 at 13 am, the suspect escorted back to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Provincial Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps and was political commissar Zhang Shen Jinhua, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau led to the airport to greet the working group triumph.

Yiwu police said, the next stage will be the Ministry of public security organs, "Fox Hunting 2014" special action as an opportunity to exhaust all means to further increase the economic crimes suspects at large overseas hunt efforts. Even criminals fled away, but also to arrest and brought to justice, resolutely defend the dignity of law, and resolutely safeguard the people's interests. In this, the police also urged the negative case at large suspects abroad to avoid sin is by no means a paradise, turned themselves is the only way out.