"West Lake tourism" into Yiwu

04 2014
Hangzhou West Lake District tourism promotion activities held in the Yiwu, which brings a wealth of tourism resources and tourism products for Yiwu tourism industry and the general public.

Lake District is unique, Xixi Wetland two 5A level scenic spots, and counties nationwide State Council approved the establishment of the first national tourism resort with Lake. The Fall of the Xixi more poetic, persimmon picking, boat Stagecoach, autumn Lo snow, walking in Xixi meandering boardwalk, "the Vatican, hidden, vulgar, idle, wild," the beauty of it lunged wetlands. Meanwhile, fishermen tours, evening among travel, water development and other specialty products also blessed.

According to the Lake District Tourism Bureau Zhang Hong root introduced, this time to carry out tourism promotion in Yiwu, Yiwu is the fancy world-renowned business climate and an avalanche of traffic resources. In most people's eyes in Yiwu, the West Lake in Hangzhou only knew, but in the west of Hangzhou, there Xixi Wetland, Xishan Forest Park, Song Dynasty and so on. I hope that through this promotion, so business travel interactive, allowing more people to experience the West Journey Yiwu unique landscape.