Visa issues/Invitation Letter

All the invitation letters and visa we make are approved by authorized government departments and high chance of getting visa can be guaranteed. 98% of our customers got visa during the last years.

1. Process

A Collect materials
1. Clear scanned photocopy of passport page;

2. Clear scanned photocopy of previous Chinese visa page (if any);

3. Place for visa;

4. Company name, address, telephone and fax number;
Different requirements may apply to different countries. Please inquire of your consultant for details. (You may visit us, or send us the materials by E-mail, MSN, Yahoo! or Skype etc.)
Deposit is half of the full price.(Terms of payment)
C.Finish invitation letter, and pay the rest
You need to pay the rest after receiving the scanned photocopy of the invitation letters. We will give you the original copy after we receive the payment.(Terms of payment)
D.Deliver the invitation letter
We may give you personally, or send you by express.

2. Prices and terms

Prices and terms
1.Sensitive countries refer to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.
2.Developed countries refer to European, North American Countries, Japan and South Korea.
3.Normal countries refer to all the countries other than sensitive and developed countries.
4.Information above is subject to change. Please get updates from your consultant.

3.What is invitation letter?

The official name of invitation letter is Authorized Notification For Visa Application. It is issued by authorized Chinese government departments such as Economic and Trade Ministry or Foreign Affairs Office of different cities or provinces, and it is used to invite foreigners to visit China for business. Foreigners can apply for F visa with invitation letter in local Chinese embassy or consulates.

Normally foreigners can get visa with an invitation letter, for the letter is official and authoritative, while there is still risk that Chinese embassy may reject him or her, based on their comprehensive evaluation on security, politics and records of the foreigner etc.

4. Fake, caution!

Many fake invitation letters are at large in the market now.
It’s hard for you to distinguish as fake invitation letters look similar with the genuine ones. Foreigners who apply for visa with a fake invitation letter will be rejected. What’s more, bad record will be kept and it will have negative influence to your future visa application.
Therefore, we suggest you make invitation letters with legal agencies.