Dubai Expo of Yiwu Expo open at May 31

25 2011
Yiwu Malls Group disclosed yesterday 2011 Dubai Expo of Yiwu Expo will be held at Dubai World Trade Center from May31 to June2. Then over 40 Yiwu enterprises will take part in exhibition as scheduled.
    Dubai Expo of Yiwu Expo has been held twice successfully and it is one of the important measures to open international market.So far, Yiwu has led over 200 enterprises to open international successfully and attracted large quantities of merchants to purchase and run business in Yiwu.
    At the beginning of this month, a part of enterprises which take part in this exhibition have transported exhibits to Dubai, including hardware,general merchandise,toys,scarf, accessories,rain gear,luggage,etc.
    It will set service desks on Expo, including reception desk of Yiwu exhibition area,Yiwu market publicity desk,etc.Yiwu will use various methods to publicize Yiwu city,Yiwu market, Yiwu brand and Arabians' business and life environment in Yiwu. Apart from exhibition, exhibitors group will arrange exhibitors to do business survey on Dubai local market, do business negotiations with local merchants. This can not only help Yiwu enterprises to promote superior products but also get new trade information of international products,
  From June14 to 16,2010, Dubai Expo of Yiwu Expo has attracted 143 enterprises to take part in exhibition, setting 201exhibition booths.
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