Ministry of Commerce issued a document required business system support 2012 Yiw

27 2012
Recently, the Commerce Department in document form to provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, separately planning cities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the competent commercial departments of the Ministry of Commerce on doing the 18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair workthe notice. "The paper outlines the scale of the exhibition of the 18th Fair, industry settings and important economic and trade activities, the explicit requirements of the local competent commercial sector organizations, local special new superior, marketable goods exhibitors, organizations have the strength of the corporate and institutional participants , and actively support the run of the Fair.

The Commerce Department documentation requirements, around the early identification of the name of the department in charge of this work, contacts and contact information submitted to the Office of Fair Executive Committee. It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce martyrdom Fair to the notice issued by the national business systems, this is the first Fair held in the past 17 years.

Made it clear that the State Council approved the Yiwu International Trade comprehensive reform of the overall program should Yiwu build a national convention platform. The pilot reform of the State Council issued in January of this year focus on the division of work programs, the task decomposition of the turn platform to implement the Commerce Department. Effectively bigger and stronger Fair, push forward the construction of a national exhibition platform, city leaders repeatedly led his unit went to the Commerce Department special reports on the work of the international trade of comprehensive reform and the development of exhibition industry, fighting for the Commerce Department to give more substantial support. The leadership of the Ministry of Commerce made ​​it clear that as the organizer, will further increase its support to the Fair. Exhibition Office, Bureau of Commerce, Mall Group and other departments to strengthen communication and contact with relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Commerce, to discuss concrete measures to support the development of the Fair.

Fair Yiwu exhibition industry's "leading", the successful upgrading of the national exhibition organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government in 2002, show the level of internationalization, specialization, brand, market-oriented continuous improvement. The size of the 17th Fair Exhibition to be held in late October last year for the first time over East China Fair, ranked second in the economic and trade show organized by the Commerce Department.
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