Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair Highlights Professionalism

16 2011
"Compared with any previous tourism
commodities fair, the one in this June will
be more professional," said some official
with the organizing committee of the fair.
Based on the valuable experience of the
previous fairs, this tourism commodities fair
will have more abundant commodities,
which are bound to enrich the connotation
of tourism commodities. In addition,
through the joint exhibition of four categories
of commodities including tourism
equipment, restaurant & hotel supplies,
outdoor recreation products and tourism
souvenirs, this fair stresses professional
purchasing and investment invitation and
gives prominence to commercial exchange.
As part of the tourism resources,
tourism commodities play an important role
in the development of tourism industry.
Yiwu, as the world's largest distribution
center for commodities, is an important
base for the R&D, production and distribution
of tourism products. In November of
2009, the National Tourism Administration
officially established China Tourism Commodity
R&D Center in Yiwu, and the first
tourism commodities fair was held in the
same period of time, which has been held
for three consecutive years since then and
aroused great attention in related industries.
"We selected over 40 competitive
brands of restaurant & hotel supplies
from 700 shops in the specialized street
to attend the fair," said Liu Chao,
general manager of Yiwu Xiawang specialized
street for restaurant & hotel
supplies. Compared with Hangzhou restaurant
& hotel supplies market and
the production base in Chaoshan of
Guangdong province, this industry in
Yiwu has great potential for development
and the fair will show such potential
and influence, he added.
The increase of restaurant & hotel
supplies has a lot to do with the rapid
development of hotels and restaurants in
recent years. In previous years, only a
few scattered exhibitors showed such
commodities in the fair. This tourism
commodities fair offers great convenience
to purchasers. Take the outdoor recreation
products for example. With commodities
of the same category put together,
purchasers will have no difficulty
finding products for camping, barbecue,
diving and fishing.
Another feature of the fair is that
enterprises with regional characteristics
from across the country show great interest
in attending the fair. According to
the list of the registered exhibitors, the
production base of restaurant & hotel
supplies in Chaozhou has applied for 138
exhibition booths; Yiwu fine-product exhibition
and sales center, together with
well-known regional exhibition halls,
will form the largest tourism shopping
center of agricultural and sideline
products in central Zhejiang province;
and Wuyi outdoor recreation products
and Yiwu Tourism & Outdoor Supplies
Association will show the overall competitiveness
of Zhejiang local tourism
commodities manufacturers.
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