• China Sourcing

    Many of our customers have
    experienced savings upto 35%!

    • Better pricing
    • One professional relationship
    • Quality online control system
    • Product development
  • Import from China

    • Sourcing or develop products
    • Locate a reliable manufacturer
    • Process the order,control quality
    • Ship to costoms port near buyer

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Savings upto 35%!

  • Quality assurance

    Online quality and inspection programs
  • Integrity

    A third party service provider
  • Cost Saving

    Less time spent, high efficiency
  • 10,000+ Suppliers

    Easy access to 10,000+ trusted suppliers

Why people choose Abc Sources?

Many of our customers have experienced savings upto 35%!

Quality assurance

Online quality and inspection programs,act as an independent, impartial third party company


As a third party service provider,our work shall be carried out honestly, in a professional, independent and impartial manner.

Cost Saving

Less time spent,less intermediate stages,less blind sourcing,many of our customers have experienced savings upto 35%.

10,000+ Suppliers

Easy access to 10,000+ trusted suppliers,Tailor-made services to fulfill every sourcing need

Powerful Online order control service

The core feature of Online order control service include order control, quality control, inspection, logistic tracking, etc., to greatly increase the visibility of production and inspection, and provide necessary tools to efficiently manage quality inspection of all your orders.
View the Videos
View the Videos

China Sourcing Process

China Sourcing ,We manage the entire manufacturing process as well as the various ancillary services. Engineering, logistics, and quality control are all combined to give the customer a truly comprehensive solution to any business need. we take care of whole process, including:
● Communicate and get know client's expectations and cost ideas.
● Source direct manufacturers based on product specifications to obtain quotations.
● Negotiate prices, lead time and minimum order quantity.
● Qualify potential manufacturers for quality, capacity and credit.
● Recommend the best manufacturer based on quality, price and lead-time.
● Develop and evaluate the samples and get approval from client.
● Complete a compliance test for the samples and get certificates when necessary.
● Follow up order processing, and conduct QC inspection.
● Coordinate logistics and deliver quality products to client.
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View more Videos

Products development

At Lance, we are finding that China Sourcing is only about half of what we do. Just as often we are overseeing product development. Weather it is a new idea from scratch or a modifications/improvements of an existing product, our team serves a liaison role, insuring that the communication is flawless between the client and factory engineers. And with years of experience under our belts, the Lance staff is actually an integral part of the design process.
We usually start with drawings and prototypes and find the perfect product development situation for our clients. But at times we have started from a napkin sketch, to drawings and then to 3D models, all originating in China, while finding 3-5 sources who will complete prototypes and eventually one factory that will do the final production. The Challenge with product development is to translate our client's game changing idea into reality. Our job is to insure that all parties involved are on the same page and the project moves forward. What we like the most is making ideas come to life and making a difference. Most of the time our clients prefer anonymity but with client permission, the link below illustrates the process of going from client vision on a sketch pad, to the final product.
View Product development case (pdf)
View Product development case (pdf)

How we do quality Inspections!

Abc Sources's inspector do inspect according to International ISO standards, and make a report for each inspection, see below(More than 12 kinds of reports).

Sample Report
Inital inspection
This report made
before mass produce
Including check the raw material
produce process
It help our customer
had a clear scene of the factory.
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Sample Report
Pre Shipment
This report made before shipment
According to ISO 2859-1 (Mil Std 105E)
The inner pack and cartons been checked
Products been checked
Last is the result
View report
Sample Report
Container Supervision
According to ISO 2859-1 (Mil Std 105E)
Full info of Loading
Monitoring from Start to end
Lock the door
View Report

What people say about us?

Testimonals of our Customers

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    Lance is wonderful, it's a good company that helps me so much. Will ask Lance do everything for me, watch production, logistic, inspection, etc.
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    I trust Lance, they can always help us with such professional services in China. They watch order production for us, suggest us with many reasonable ideas, we like it and hope we can work together forever!
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    Lance online order control service has solved my big headache of controlling production in China. I'm very satisfied with this service and I will use Lance online order control service again and again.

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