Yiwu Market Guide


210K vendors, takes 5 mths if only 1 min each
2,100,000 items in 26 categories from A to Z
10,000,000 buyers visit Yiwu market annually
500.5 Billion Chinese Yuan turnover in 2023
Yiwu Market

No.1 Wholesale Market in the world

The Yiwu Market has an amazing 6.4 million square meters with 75,000 booths in the Market, and 210,000 merchants are selling 2.1 million items in 26 categories. The turnover of the Market rose from 3.78 million in 1982 to 500.5 billion in 2023. More than 10 million customers are flooding into the market every year, including more than 500,000 overseas buyers.

If you’ve ever been to the Canton Fair, you will have a general impression about the Yiwu Market through comparison. There are 25,000 suppliers in the Canton Fair, while there are 75,000 and more in the Yiwu Market, which is basically equivalent to a never-ending Canton Fair.

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What Products can I buy from Yiwu Market?

What to buy

What Products can I buy from Yiwu Market?

You could get basically everything, including fashion accessories, daily commodity, hardware, office and sports, toys, electronics and so on.

Yiwu market

District One

  • 8,000+ Booths
  • 10,000+ Suppliers
  • Toys
  • Flower accessories
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Crafts, Gifts, Christmas
  • Fashion accessories
Yiwu market

District Two

  • 8,000+ Booths
  • 10,000+ Suppliers
  • Souvenir, Package, Luggage
  • Umbrella, Decoration
  • Hardware, Electrical products
  • Kitchen, appliances
  • Telecommunications
Yiwu market

District Three

  • 6,000+ Booths
  • 8,000+ Suppliers
  • Festival decoration
  • Stationery, Paintings
  • Office school supplies
  • Cosmetic
  • Buttons, zippers, clothing accessories
Yiwu market

District Four

  • 17,000+ Booths
  • 22,000+ Suppliers
  • Leggings and socks
  • Daily necessities
  • Hats, Gloves
  • Lace, Tie, Towel, Footwear
  • Belts, Accessories
  • Scarf, bra, underwear
Yiwu market

District five

  • 7,000+ Booths
  • 2,400+ Suppliers
  • Yiwu China Imported mall
  • Pet (aquarium) supplies
  • Bed linings, Hotel Supplies
  • Hair, Wedding supplies
  • Knitted fabric
  • Auto supplies and accessories
Huangyuan market

District Two

  • 5,500+ Booths
  • 3,300+ Suppliers
  • Clothing customization
  • Jeans
  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Pajamas, Sportswear (shirts)
  • Kids’ Clothing
Market guide

How it works

Our daily service in Yiwu market will have 2 people for you, one market guider and one translator good at English, French or Spanish, to show you around, translate and negotiate.

  • Small Business Friendly
  • Human “GPS” Guide you in the Market
  • Free product sourcing service
  • Free product sourcing service
  • Free product sourcing service
  • Free product sourcing service



First, you need to list the products you need. We will tell you where they are and make a suitable schedule for you. Then we guide you in the market and check them one by one. We will take note all the products you are interested in and make a detailed product quotation. If time limited, you can decide which ones to buy after you go back to your country. After you make the decision, please send us the final list. After receiving your deposit, we will pay to the suppliers one by one and ask them to produce. When the production is finished, you pay the balance and we consolidate all the goods and ship to you.

If you need an invitation letter to apply for the visa, please contact us.
The nearest airport is Yiwu airport, we can pick you up from Yiwu airport free.
If you fly to Hangzhou airport or Shanghai airport, then you need to take a taxi or fast train to Yiwu. We pick you up from Yiwu train station free too.
If you don’t know how many days you need to spend in Yiwu, please contact us and tell us the products you need to purchase, we give you a suggestion.
Please bring some suitable clothes according to Yiwu weather. Some cash is needed for your consumption in Yiwu.
If you need the hotel reservation, you can contact us to compare the price as we get some discount from some hotels.
It’s safe in Yiwu and we pick you up between the hotel and market. So welcome to Yiwu.

Yiwu market is a wholesale market. But many suppliers keep ready stock. You can start with one carton per item if it’s in stock. Each shop normally asks for 10 cartons in total as minimum.
If you order less than this, then the market is not suitable for you. You may send us your product list, we will send you quotation from B2B platforms.

Firstly, we do strict quality inspection of each product to avoid this;
In case you still receive defective or damaged goods, please send us photos, videos and any other proof as soon as you receive the goods. We will negotiate with the suppliers to get the best solution, to send spare parts, to send extra quantity in next order, or to refund etc.

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