District 1 of Yiwu Market, also known as Yiwu Market, is made up of two sections: the original District 1 and the recently expanded East Mart. The original section has been operational since 2002, while the East Mart began operations in early 2016. This market primarily features jewellery, accessories, beadings, artificial flowers, crafts, and toys. Since its inception in 2002, District 1 has consistently been the most bustling area. Moreover, District 1 holds significant historical value as it was the first market established and has evolved alongside Yiwu city itself. In the following sections, we will present a live video and photos from District 1, detail the products available, and guide you on engaging with suppliers.

Product categories in District 1 of Yiwu Market

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast sea of small commodities, with its endless aisles and arrays of eye-catching gadgets? Don’t fret. Simply look for the guide board. This board neatly lists all available products, making navigation easy. In District 1 alone, there are more than 10,000 suppliers offering a wide range of commodities primarily across the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.

Below is a breakdown of the product categories available on different floors.

FloorProduct Categories
District 1-1FInflatable Toys, Electric Toys, Ordinary Toys, Stuffed Toys, Artificial Flowers, Components for Artificial Flowers
District 1-2FJewelry and Accessories, Hair Ornaments
District 1-3FPorcelain & Crystals, Components for Accessories, Photo Frames, Tourist Handicrafts, Decorative Handicrafts, Festive handicrafts
District 1 east-1FOrnament Accessories
District 1 east-2FOrnaments, Ornament Accessories
District 1 east-3FOrnaments

Small and medium-sized buyers, including Amazon sellers, small retailers, wholesalers, chain stores, and supermarkets, find District 1 of the Yiwu Market perfectly suited to their needs.

Take small retailers, for example. They typically visit Yiwu once or twice a year, ordering one to two containers each time. This strategy allows them to achieve significantly higher profits than sourcing directly from their domestic suppliers.

Furthermore, District 1 is renowned for its highly competitive products such as jewelry, toys, crafts, and decoration supplies, which rank among the best in China’s markets. These products offer small retailers an excellent opportunity to secure substantial profits.

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