Yiwu market District 3

Yiwu Market District 3, located directly across from District 2, is seamlessly connected by an interconnecting walkway. Since its opening in 2005, the number of suppliers has surged to over 8,000. The district specializes in office and school supplies, cosmetics, and clothing accessories, among other items. To enhance the sourcing experience for buyers, efficient distribution and convenient services are easily accessible in the vicinity. Notably, it stands out as a prime location for purchasing small quantities in Yiwu. With that introduction, let’s explore the range of products available.

Items available for sourcing in Yiwu Market District 3

Spanning approximately 460,000 square meters, the building area houses suppliers primarily focused on a range of business categories, including cultural products, sports equipment, cosmetics, eyewear, and various clothing accessories like zippers and buttons. The guide board below details the specific items available.

FloorProduct Categories
District 3: 5FThe Imported Commodities Mall/Roof Parking Lots
District 3: 4FButtons/Zippers/Clothing Accessories/Cultural and Sports Goods/Cosmetics
District 3: 3FCosmetics/Accessories Parts/Mirrors and Combs/ Buttons/Zippers/Clothing Accessories
District 3: 2FOffice and School Supplies/ Sports Equipment/ Sports and Leisure Products/ Educational Toys
District 3: 1FPens& Inks/ Paper Products/ Glasses
District 3: -1FSpring Festival Pictures, Calendars and Spring Couplets

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