Yiwu market District 4

Yiwu Market District 4, adjacent to District 3, stands as the largest among the five market districts in both size and the number of booths. It spans roughly 1,080,000 square meters, hosting over 20,000 suppliers engaged in wholesale trade. The district is a hive of activity, with aisles and streets teeming with buyers and visitors globally. It warmly welcomes both international and domestic buyers. In my view, District 4’s most significant advantage lies in its commodities, which originate from Yiwu’s most competitive local industries.

Items available for procurement in Yiwu Market District 4

District 4 boasts up to 20,000 stalls, offering a vast selection of small items at wholesale prices that are highly competitive. It’s an ideal marketplace for traders specializing in socks, daily consumables, kitchenware, caps, shoelaces, towels, threads, lingerie, and more, providing a significant advantage for boosting sales. According to the guide board, District 4 encompasses five floors, each dedicated to specific items as detailed below:

FloorProduct Categories
District 4: 5FManufacturing Outlet Center, Tourism Shopping Center
District 4: 4FScarf, Belt, Lingerie, Underwear
District 4: 3FShoes, Thread, Tapes, Towels, Necktie, Lace, Yarn
District 4: 2FDaily Consumables, Hat, Gloves
District 4: 1FSocks

Yiwu Market District 4 stands out as one of the most vibrant sections within the vast Yiwu market complex, drawing crowds daily. This popularity is due to its focus on products from Yiwu’s most competitive sectors, like socks and knitting goods, which are among the city’s hallmark industries. The prices here are exceptionally appealing. Additionally, lingerie, a flagship product of Dachen in Yiwu, highlights the district’s allure. Dachen is recognized as China’s premier lingerie manufacturing hub. Therefore, District 4 is a hub of activity, attracting a steady stream of buyers. We highly recommend a visit to District 4, as it may present significant business opportunities and competitive advantages.

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