The building within the Yiwu Market was first inaugurated in 2004 and has since housed over 8,000 booths. Its hallmark feature is the Centralized Purchasing Center, designed to cater to major sourcing entities like Wal-Mart, China Mobile, and China Telecom. The primary product categories include luggage, hardware tools, watches, and lighting solutions.

Next, we’ll delve into the specific products available in District 2 and highlight key considerations for conducting business within this sector.

Product categories in District 2 of Yiwu Market

As always, find the Guide Board first. It will tell you what’s sold here and how to find your product. According to the official numbers, over 20,000 suppliers are available here, and most of them are concentrated on the 1st to 4th floor.

FloorProduct Categories
District 2-1F (F&G section)Ponchos, Packaging, Umbrellas, Bags, Suitcases
District 2-2F (F&G section)Hardware Tools, Components, Locksets, Electrical Engineering Products
District 2-3F (F&G section)Clocks, Watches, Small Household Appliances, Kitchen and Sanitary Hardware, Telecom Supplies
District 2 4F (F&G section)Electronic Instruments, Photographic Apparatus, Batteries, Lamps, Flashlights, Electronic Products, Clocks, Watches, Boutique Bags, Suitcases.

District 2 of the Yiwu Market serves as a central hub for iconic products from various cities, making it a competitive player on the global stage compared to District 1.

For example, Yongkang is renowned for its hardware tools, leading to a concentration of suppliers from Yongkang in District 2. Similarly, suppliers of watches and clocks often hail from Shenzhen, while Zhongshan is the primary source for lamps.

This diversity means that District 2 not only hosts large manufacturers but also blends branded factories with smaller intermediaries. As a result, while it offers a wealth of options, finding the precise supplier you need might require additional effort.

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